We are constantly peppered with distractions at work, and tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams are a part of the problem.

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I’m a software developer, and my average day can be accurately summarised by the following message exchange:

While typing out those few words, I always end up thinking about the code they’re writing, trying to remember what it was for, and imagining what it might look like.

And in that time, I entirely forget what I was even working on.


Fantasy isn’t racist. Fantasy doesn’t discriminate based on colour. So why can’t I write a novel with an all-brown cast?

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When I told an old friend that I was writing a fantasy novel with an Indian setting, he replied, “Don’t be racist. Fantasy is for everyone, not just Indians.”

Being as excited as I was to tell him about my story — of dust and heat instead of marsh and rain, of rangers in head-wrappings and long shawls instead of hooded cloaks, of curry and chai instead of the classic traveller’s cheese and bread — his words completely threw me…

Kartik Gohil

I write code by day, prose by night. IG: @kartikg33

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